Bet You Didn’t Think of This Reason for Regular Septic Tank Pumping!

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The bacteria rapidly digest drain-clogging and odor-causing matter.. If you have a septic system, beneficial microbes will freely move into the. The tablet version of Flow! can be placed in the reservoir of your toilet tank or sump pump every 30. I don't think it will be harmful to use them together, it just may not be needed.

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As paper and waste enter the septic tank from your house, the solid matter will be held in the tank and break down into "sludge" over time, while the liquids continue on to the absorption area. Sludge is never meant to exit your septic tank, so it must be pumped out on a regular basis – you don’t want the sludge to accumulate to the point where it starts exiting the tank towards the absorption area.

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Examining Toilets and Drainage Pipes. If the toilet reacts slowly when you flush it, (gurgles, slowly drains etc.) then it may be an indication that your septic system is too full. If your sink or shower drains slowly, it can be a sign your septic tank is full and preventing water from draining at a normal rate.

I built this old house in late 1980. At the time, suburban Georgia didn’t have sewers so we went with a normal septic tank. They put sewers in about ten years ago and said we couldn’t maintain the septic system and would have to hook up to the county sewer when the tank needed service. Well, still not hooked up.

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The settling of solids within the septic tank and the conversion/reduction of these solids by the bacterial action within the tank creates a sludge that settles to the bottom of the tank. Proper.