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The first damselfly in Late Cretaceous amber from South Dakota is described and figured. The specimen preserves the forewing apex of a possible hemiphlebiid, a group of relict damselflies today that were apparently widespread and diverse during the Cretaceous. Self Closing Cabinet Hinges, 1 pair = 2 pieces.

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Owing to the enormous amount of magma extruded in both the Atlantic and Pacific, together with the uplift of the more active of the mid-ocean spreading ridges, the oceans transgressed onto the continents. As a result, the mid-Cretaceous was a thalassocratic time.

Ammonites as biological entities, however, are poorly understood, largely owing to the absence of a direct living counterpart. Their feeding and dietary habits, for example, have been unclear. On page 70 of this issue, however, Kruta et al. offer some insight into how-and what-one Late Cretaceous ammonite ate. It is the first study to use.

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Author links open overlay panelViviVajda AntoineBercovici. The Cretaceous- Paleogene boundary clay, associated with the Chicxulub asteroid impact.. This included large parts of Western Europe, eastern South America, central Australia and.. However, plants were able to recover owing to factors such as long-term .

Cretaceous facies and fossil leaf beds / Apartments – It is thickly bedded to massive, and contains occasional pieces of fossil driftwood and logs, which are black and coalified. Bruce Cornet poses against a wall of a large excavation pit.

The Cretaceous Period was the last segment of the Mesozoic Era.. Parts of supercontinent Pangaea eventually drifted apart to become the.

we report direct and indirect evidence in 99 million-year-old Cretaceous amber showing that hard ticks and ticks of the extinct new family Deinocrotonidae fed on blood from feathered dinosaurs,”.