Griffin Capital Funding Offers Long Term Fixed Rate Loans for Churches Nationwide

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Griffin Capital Funding Does Not Give Up. Griffin Capital Funding continued to search out loan institutions and did not give up working to find a good refinancing loan. Eventually the church I pastor received a loan offer (for refinancing) from a bank providing excellent terms with a smooth process. I 100% recommend Griffen Capital Funding.

Another church gets a long-term fixed rate of 7 years with Griffin Capital Funding! A church in Houston, TX has started the construction of their new steel building after we closed their loan.

Griffin Capital Company, LLC is a privately held, Los Angeles-headquartered investment and asset management company with a 22-year track record sponsoring real estate investment vehicles and managing institutional capital. As a recognized church loan expert, Griffin Capital Funding has closed another long term fixed rate (20-year) church mortgage. Read more! Read more! Scott Obenhein, VP Church Loan Division, is all set up and ready to meet you at the 105th Hampton University Ministers’ Conference in Hampton, VA.