How to Have the Perfect Day at Ginnie Springs

A beautiful display of Florida’s natural beauty, Ginnie Springs is the perfect spot for an outdoor adventure with some of the clearest springs in the state. From tubing to snorkeling and adventurous diving excursions, this picturesque spring produces nearly 80 million gallons of water daily and is the ideal place to spend a sunny afternoon canoeing up a river, exploring scenic nature trails and setting up a picnic.

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The group of six springs that are known as Ginnie Springs, as well as the surrounding 600 acres, have been privately owned by the Wray family since 1971. Ginnie Springs Outdoors LLC has been in operation since 1976. The spring’s modern history started in the mid-1900s when scuba diving became popular.

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Finding the perfect spot is super important while camping, and at Ginnie Springs, you have heaps of options. Two priorities for me: a gorgeous view of the water and a short walk to the bathroom. At Ginnie, we usually set up camp near Twin Spring. That’s where the tube exit is, so when we’re done floating down the Santa Fe River – we’re home!

The kind of people that frequent Ginnie springs are loud, drunk, sometimes even high. They throw trash all over the river and springs, and have zero consideration for anyone but themselves. Our peacefull float upstream to near-by Blue Spring and rum island was awesome.

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Wednesday at Ginnie Springs My momma, grandmomma, three young adult cousins and I went tubing down the river and floated into one of the springs. It was the Wednesday after Memorial Day, we arrived about 10:30am and it was peaceful and not extremely busy.