Rare Safe Harbor Victory for Homeowner Associations

But most litigators are not familiar with this protection, which has, in many cases, caused the loss of the liability limitation the safe harbor provides, says Martin Schwartz of Bilzin Sumberg.

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Meaning of Florida "Safe Harbor" for HOA. House in HOA was foreclosed and FNMA purchased it at auction; estoppel prepared, now FNMA wants to know if the HOA will agree to follow "FL Safe Harbor". If.

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There Is A Narrow Exception to bank safe harbor Protection for Homeowner Associations. The history of American jurisprudence has many examples of the interpretation of statutory language being greatly affected by grammatical technicalities and the location of specific words within statutory text.

We’re the Old Harbor Place, a volunteer group made up entirely of single-family residential property owners like you since 1995. You and Old Harbor Place can do what an individual homeowner can’t always do. When you come to us for help, we can put the strength of the Old Harbor Place Homeowners Association to work for you. Together, we provide.

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