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Since you can’t exactly take a home on a test drive, how do you decide? That got us to thinking about real estate pros. When they’ve seen practically everything on the market, how do they choose? Four pros who’ve seen it all share their advice and their stories of hunting for just the right home. Compromise for Your Priorities. Veteran real.

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If you want to know more about that, read my Complete Guide to Real Estate Investing You can’t just buy a house at every station you end up in the military. Whether or not it makes sense to buy a home while in the military depends on if that house will make a good rental when you move away.

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Sharing that desire for a good sense of community and looking out for each other is a fundamental reason why people choose to buy into this lifestyle and there is a good chance you will achieve these aims if you choose to live in a gated environment.

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It’s great to get around and explore different neighborhoods-whether you’re new to LA or a long-time resident-but the sad truth is that it rarely happens. So it stands to reason that the area you choose to live in should be a great fit for your lifestyle.

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In this uncertain economy, builders are feeling the pressure. To make certain you choose a financially-sound builder, Sharon Hanby-Robie, real estate agent and American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) in Lancaster, Pa., suggests, "Go to the courthouse to see if a lien’s been filed against the builder, then go to the construction site.